2009-05-14 Chairman of Azerbaijan`s Constitutional Court meets with Slovak Justice Minister


2009 May

On May 13, 2009  Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Farhad Abdullayev has met with Vice-Premier, Justice Minister of Slovakia Stefan Harabin.

Abdullayev said that judicial reforms had been carried out in Azerbaijan just like in other spheres. Chairman updated Slovak Minister on the Cosntitutional Court of Azerbaijan created in 1998. 

Abdullayev pointed out Constitutional Court attaches great importance to establishing international ties. He stressed the Constitutional Court learns from Slovakia`s experience too. Farhad Abdullayev recalled his meeting with President of the Slovak Constitutional Court Ivetta Macejkova at this year`s event in Capetown, adding she will come to Azerbaijan later in October. During her visit, a memorandum on cooperation will be signed. 

Chairman Abdullayev noted Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan as a member of the Conference of European Courts develop international links and exchange expertise. 

He said Constitutional Court established links with the Justice Ministry, Supreme Court and law-enforcement bodies. 
Slovak Vice-Premier updated Abdullayev on the Slovak judicial system and this country`s Constitutional Court. 

Harabin said he witnessed huge development in Azerbaijan, adding Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan is also an example of accomplishments achieved. 

Slovak Justice Minister described inauguration of the Supreme Court`s new building as a sign of government`s supporting the judicial system.

Azerbaijani Deputy Justice Minister Togrul Musayev was present at the meeting.