2012-11-29 International conference on the protection of consumers credits held in Baku


2012 Nov

On 29 November, 2012 the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Baku Law Centre (BLC) with joint organizational support of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan held in Baku an international conference on the protection of consumer credits on "Legal protection of the recipients credits, consumer protection in the name of stabilizing the financial sector".

The purpose of the event - study of legal position of consumers in the banking sector of Azerbaijan, experience in reviewing local court cases related to credit disputes, and analyze of legislation and share the European experience in this field.

Judges of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, representatives from local banks and credit institutions, government and non-governmental organizations attended the event.

Opening the conference, a judge of the Constitutional Court Mr. Jeyhun Garajayev, welcoming the participants on behalf of the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, and wished success in their work.

Mr. Garajayev said that an important issue today in any country is the protection of human rights and freedoms, particularly consumers, protection of human subjects in the field of credit.

He noted the importance of the international conference for consumers credits, the legal community, the importance of respecting human rights and freedoms on the part of banks and other relevant institutions, the need to comply withthe requirements of constitutional norms.The Constitutional Court realize conservation measures points on the rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution, the improvement of the legal system in line with the dynamics of the economy, and such measures are in progress. Studying the international experience is also the focus in this field.

German Ambassador in Azerbaijan Mr. Herbert Quelle expressed hope that the event will be useful for everyone, that is a good organization to protect consumers of credit, the number of which in a market economy is growing day by day, will always be in focus.

The Ambassador said that the protection of the rights of borrowers - is the actual issue not only for Azerbaijan, but also around the world.

Therefore, he said thanksto the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan for hosting the event at the highest level.

The head of the project GTZ Mr. Thomas Meltzer also emphasizedthe high level of organization of the event, touched the significance of the conference.

Then heard presentations on various topics, held discussions and made suggestions.