The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a meeting with the Ombudsman of the Republic of Turkey


2020 Oct


On October 21, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a meeting with a delegation headed by the Chief Ombudsman of the Republic of Turkey Şeref Malkoç.

At a meeting the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Farkhad Abdullaev greeted guests, emphasized that as the great leader Heydar Aliyev told, the Azerbaijani-Turkish communications are based on a thesis "One nation, two states". He drew attention to the fact that relations between our countries are steadily developing thanks to the successful policies pursued by the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey Ilham Aliyev and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Brotherhood between our countries is inviolable. The strategic cooperation of these two countries, which have great geopolitical and economic potential, is aimed at ensuring peace and security, as well as further strengthening economic development in the region. Relations based on high-level cooperation are constantly being strengthened.

It was noted that Turkey's defense of the rightful cause of our State and people in the struggle for the ancestral lands and the indivisible part of independent Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as other occupied territories, against the Armenian occupation and provocations, and support for the triumph of justice is an indicator of true brotherhood.

It was brought to the attention that as a result of Armenia's gross violation of international legal norms, and the shelling on September 27 of the positions of the Azerbaijani army and our settlements, among the military and civilians were killed and wounded. In response, the Azerbaijani army launched counter-offensive operations.

The beginning by the armed forces of the aggressive Republic of Armenia of large-scale military operations on Azerbaijani lands, which have been under occupation for many years, and on the line of contact of the troops, made it necessary for our State and people to fight for their homeland, and stimulated the beginning of a new decisive stage of the Karabakh war.

The heroic repulse of enemy aggression by our army and the crushing attacks on the Armenian army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev, testify to the will to win our people.

At the meeting, Farhad Abdullayev spoke about missile attacks on the second largest city in Azerbaijan - Ganja. He noted that on October 11 and 17, at night, the enemy's armed forces once again committed terrible anti-human crime against the Azerbaijani people. Using a rocket system, the Armenian military fired rockets into the densely populated territory of Ganja at night as people slept.

This bloody terrorist attack, which will be inscribed in world history, once again proved that Armenia supports terrorism at the state level. The missile attacks on Ganja, which located 60 kilometers from the site of hostilities, indicate not only a gross violation of international law, but also the dirty intentions of a hostile country. Armenia's deliberate shelling of civilians, buildings, civilian facilities and medical personnel as part of its aggressive policy against Azerbaijan once again demonstrates that it disregards fundamental norms of international law, including international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, clearly violates its obligations and is very far from the usual principles of humanism.

The Azerbaijani State, by conducting a military operation, aimed at restoring its territorial integrity and liberating its lands from occupation, enforces United Nations Security Council Resolutions No. 822, No. 853, No. 874 and No. 884 adopted in 1993.

Regarding the establishment of illegitimate courts in the occupied territories, Chairman Farhad Abdullayev expressed confidence that the military-political leadership of Armenia, which uses terrorist acts and violence against civilians, will be brought to justice before an international tribunal, the legal force of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be restored in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Chief Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç, who spoke at the meeting, once again stating that the Turkish state supports Azerbaijan, both in all matters and in this Patriotic War, emphasized that friendship between the two countries will last forever. He expressed the hope that the occupation of Azerbaijani territories by the Armenian occupiers, which lasted about 30 years, would soon come to an end, and that about a million refugees expelled from their native lands would return to the lands of their ancestors, and that the entire international community recognized Nagorno-Karabakh as the land of Azerbaijan. Şeref Malkoç stressed that the violation by the Armenian armed forces of the agreement on a humanitarian truce and the shelling of civilian places is an example of barbarism.

Ombudsman Celile Özlem Tunçak, who spoke at the event, said that as a result of missile strikes by the Armenian armed forces in the city of Ganja, where civilians live, young children died and injured, three children lost both parents, the occupying state committed a crime against peace and humanity and grossly violated international humanitarian law.

At the end of the meeting, Chief Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç expressed confidence that the terrorist acts committed by the Armenian military forces against the civilian population of Azerbaijan will not go unpunished, and Azerbaijan will soon restore its territorial integrity. Members of the delegation thanked for the hospitality and extensive information.

The meeting was also attended by the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Sabina Aliyeva.